Optimised Transport Planning at the Port of Felixstowe


20th March 2013

Efficient operational logistics can bring considerable savings. Shipping lines benefit from using the most efficient transport services, and every effort is made to ensure the number of trucks, rail cars and feeder vessels carrying empty containers to or from the Port is kept to a minimum.

Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) understands the vital importance of optimised transport planning, and has developed the PARIS computer system to aid in this task. PARIS offers Shipping Lines optimised inland transport solutions based on the three most common modes used for moving containers – road, rail and feeder.

Developed in the early 1990s for mainland Europe, PARIS has now been introduced in the UK, mainland Europe and North America. It is the only system available today that works non-stop in the background to provide full optimisation of transport options. Other products claiming to offer optimisation actually do so by providing a suggestive tool that identifies possible matches when a user makes a selection. PARIS goes much further by continually presenting the overall optimal plan in real-time, even as new bookings and updates are being made.

Significant transport savings can only be made by optimising the whole plan as opposed to a single job at a time. Using all the optimisation features, PARIS is able to offer savings to a Shipping Line’s annual transport budget of between 5% and 8% and with improved service performance.


PARIS was designed primarily to provide an executable transport plan automatically and in real-time, with increased direct import-export (tip-and-reload) matches. It works by considering thousands more tip-and-reload permutations than multiple planners in a transport team could accommodate. In considering so many combinations, PARIS increases the percentage of tip and reload jobs performed, and is some cases Shipping Lines have increased the percentage of their tip and reload jobs from single figures to more than 30%, dramatically reducing the number of empty containers being transported, and achieving considerable savings in operational costs.


PARIS works to automatically assess and plan your transport requirements, providing you with solutions at the planning, execution and post-execution stages:

  • Automatically plans direct import/export tip and reloads, with highlighted savings
  • Selects jobs for road/rail /feeder (whether contract space or spot purchase)
  • Selects empty depots when import/export containers are not matched – based on costs of using strategic depot locations and target stock levels
  • Allocates jobs to specific hauliers, if required – based on your own business rules such as preferred haulage, port/terminal based haulage, availability and tariff
  • Provides instant auto-rating, giving visibility of all transport costs – including automatic addition of surcharges such as hazardous costs, overnight stays, congestion charges and so on

At any stage, users can override the system and exclude jobs from the optimisation, if required.


Additional value-added features built into PARIS allow the integration of several of your own operational functions with it:

  • Real-time updates – Recording and instant messaging of non-conformance, detention and additional charges for auto-rating
  • Advanced warning of late arrivals – Either through linking to GPS software in the truck and/or interfacing with the Port’s out-gate messages
  • Recovery planning – Made necessary by late running jobs, vehicle breakdowns and so on
  • Accountability – A full audit trail of all booking updates, user actions and transport operations
  • KPI monitoring – Automatic recording of customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • External access –Hauliers can view details of your consignments and request additional haulage jobs from you
  • Integration with port community systems – For import landing, clearance, customs release and export pre-advice
  • Automatic messaging – To hauliers, depots, rail providers (in any format)
  • Earlier allocation of jobs to hauliers – Securing resources and allowing the haulier more time to improve upon their own planning
  • Collaborative platform – Provides the possibility of multiple parties working together to find mutually beneficial planning opportunities
  • Management Reporting – Powerful and easy-to-use management information reports

For more information about PARIS, please contact:
Andy Barker (General Manager):
Tel: ????????? +44 (0)1223 531821
Email: ????? andy.barker@parisoptimalplanning.com
Website:?? www.parisoptimalplanning.com