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Freightliner Ltd has been working in partnership with the Port of Felixstowe for over 40 years, ensuring that more containers than ever are being transported to and from the port by rail.

Felixstowe is a key hub in Freightliner’s operations, providing 22 daily services at the port. Consisting of over 500 wagons, covering 12 destinations around the UK - Birmingham, Bristol, Teesport, Coatbridge, Daventry, Ditton, Doncaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Scunthorpe and Tilbury – eight of which are owned and directly operated by the rail haulier. Freightliner’s recent investments in its terminal infrastructure include new cranes at Manchester and Birmingham. These cranes have helped to maximise efficiency by reducing the time taken to load containers to vehicles for the final leg of their journey to local delivery points.

The new North Rail terminal, which opened in summer of 2013 is a huge boost for the port and for Freightliner, increasing capacity and allowing the port to handle trains of up to 30 x 60ft wagons. Freightliner’s industry-leading PowerHaul locomotives will be required to deliver not only on length but also on trailing weight and speed.

Use of these locomotives support the anticipated growth in the number of containers entering the UK’s deep sea ports and reduces road congestion by removing over 120 lorries from the UK’s roads for each round trip journey. Although rail is already recognised as an environmentally friendly way to carry freight, Freightliner is committed to improving its environmental performance still further. By utilising the PowerHaul locomotives, Freightliner is able to increase the capacity available to its customers whilst reducing their customers’ carbon footprint.

Freightliner Ltd’s customers can be confident in receiving a complete logistics package; as well as owning most of the terminals it operates within, Freightliner is the only rail freight haulier to use its own road fleet, completing the port to door journey.

For customers wanting to move bespoke container volumes from port to door, Logico provides freight forwarders and clients with container space on Freightliner Ltd trains. Logico is able to meet customer needs without the necessity for long term commitment or minimum volume.

To find out more about Freightliner's customer-focused services, please contact:

Colin Hitchen
Commercial General Manager, Felixstowe
Telephone:+44 (0) 1394 612809