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Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Conditioner

Frizzy, Dry or Damaged Hair

A hydrating conditioner for damaged hair.

Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Conditioner

Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Conditioner

A hydrating conditioner for damaged hair.

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What It Is

Infused with Moringa Tree Oil, used in beauty formulas since Ancient Egypt, and Hyaluronic Acid, known for its hydrating properties, this hydrating conditioner helps hair look lustrous, supple and healthy. Nourish even the most fragile hair with Kiehl’s rich conditioner for damaged hair.

What It’s Good For

  • Helps repair weak, brittle hair damaged by heat styling, chemical processing and other physical stresses
  • Instantly detangles and conditions hair to enhance manageability without weighing hair down
  • Helps smooth and fortify each hair fiber for shiny, lustrous and healthy-looking hair
  • For damaged and very dry hair

Key Ingredients

How To Apply

How to Use

How To Apply
  • After shampoo, massage our conditioner for damaged hair formula onto wet hair
  • Leave hydrating conditioner on for one to two minutes
  • For extremely damaged and severely dry hair, leave on up to five minutes
  • Rinse
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately
  • Discover our shampoo for damaged hair and leave-in hair treatment to leave hair revitalized

Future Made Better

True to our founding family’s mission, we strive to improve the quality of the communities we serve by reducing our
environmental impact, formulating responsibly, and supporting charitable causes. This formula is made with:
Responsible Formulation

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